French Social is fun, creative and interactive!

Learn French with real documents, extracts from the best newspapers, TV and radio shows especially selected for their high language and cultural value.

French Social

French Social offers you the opportunity to learn French at an academic and/or professional level, think and express yourself like a native. Be part of the Francophile community, think and argue like a Frenchie on all topics.

Our purpose

Help you acquire this invaluable knowledge. We strongly believe in the power of diversity and perceptual position to enrich your vision of the world and thrive.

Each article contains

⊕ an audio or a video extract
⊕ the option of slowing the speed according to YOUR PACE!
⊕ a transcription
⊕ a translation into English of the most difficult and relevant words
⊕ a French-English glossary
⊕ a quiz
⊕ additional links to discover more